Put Your Data to Work!

Leverage data and the latest machine learning technologies to automate processes
and enhance your digital projects. Rocketloop is on the forefront of using applied
machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve real-world business problems.
Our team consists of a handpicked mix of data scientists, machine learning researchers, and software engineers in order to deliver the best solution using state-of-the-art technology.

Questions About Machine Learning

Agile Data Science

From data gathering and analyses to deploying and running trained models

Machine Learning

Identify the potential of machine learning within your organization

Algorithm and Technology Selection

We help you to identify the best performing tools to create your models

Proof of Concept Development

A minimum viable model is a cost-effective way to validate your concepts

On-premise Hosting

Our models are independent of any cloud services and can be deployed anywhere

Data Quality Management

We help you to gather more information and improve your data quality

Typical Projects

Do we have this image licensed already? I want to see other pictures of two persons and a dog on a lawn… These are common challenges when working with extensive image portfolios. We provide a fast and convenient image similarity search to help you overcome these challenges and make the best use of your digital assets. Our proprietary high-performance image search engine can identify semantically similar pictures and scales up to 100.000.000+ images (query time <100ms). Import your existing images using our integrations for a common digital asset management system to improve the accessibility for your whole organization.

Please reach out if you are interested in similar solutions for videos; we are currently working on a solution for it.

Predictive analytics uses past and current data to create mathematical models that captures trends in the data. These models can be used to predict future events and forecast the development of the key figures in question. Precise forecasts and good forecast quality measures allow you to streamline your processes, improve your resource planning, and save costs. We help you to identify potential improvements, cleaning your data, and deploy reliable models easily.

We identify potential use cases, gather and prepare the data, create proof of concepts, and deploy trained models to production in order to realize cost savings. As engineering and machine learning experts, we integrate artificial intelligence into well-designed user experiences modeled after your processes and requirements. Convolutional neural networks make it possible to detect and locate objects on images in real-time. This allows for the automation for many labor-intensive activities in the industrial space (maintenance, security monitoring, quality assurance, etc.)

Project Questions