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Lead your industry and market by with advanced R&D expertise and AI solutions. Rocketloop Labs drives innovation from concept to implementation. Our collaborative approach and top-notch resources deliver customized, groundbreaking solutions that surpass expectations. Choose Rocketloop Labs for transformative AI research & development.


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Committed to offering budget-conscious, cutting-edge Research & Development, Rocketloop Labs boasts expertise in machine learning, math, and computer science. Supporting clients from ideation and strategy development, we tackle complex challenges and generate innovative solutions through a battle-tested phase-gate- process, pushing the boundaries of what’s currently possible.

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Uncovering potential AI solutions by identifying key business challenges is our forte. Our collaborative approach and state-of-the-art resources help you conduct thorough research and leverage cutting-edge technologies like machine- and deep-learning to prototype and develop a proof-of-concept for your innovative solution. From feasibility to launch, we guide you through the process, ensuring your success every step of the way. Trust us to help you achieve disruptive innovation that will revolutionize your industry.

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Rocketloop Labs gives you access to a team of experts ranging from AI, computer science, and mathematics, to data privacy and security. We use research-based approaches to identify state-of-the-art solutions that meet your specific needs and budget.
AI Consulting

Dennis Kreber

Head of Research
PhD Mathematics
University of Trier

AI Consulting

Florian Reifschneider

M.Sc. Computer Science
University of Frankfurt

AI Consulting

Marco Sansottera

Research Scientist
PhD Mathematics
University of Milan

Rocketloop Iterative
Phase Gate Process

Graphic of the phase-gate-process, showing different phases: Ideation, Scoping, Development, Testing & Validation, Launch, and Review

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Iterative Phase-Gate-Process
For Budget-Conscious Research

To deliver tangible results, we prioritize understanding your unique challenges and working within your corporate framework. A transparent, structured roadmap ensures your project’s success, providing access to a highly qualified R&D and engineering team for research, prototyping, and product development. Focusing on substance over empty promises, digital solutions are created to address both your business needs and user experience. Driving positive impact and ensuring the success of your project through a customer-centric approach and academic-based research is our mission.



First, we need to fully understand your project’s goals and objectives. Based on that, we keep an eye on the project’s direction while defining what requirements your AI solution has to fulfill.



We use academic research methods to identify technologies and approaches for your project. Our team of experts uses methodologies from the fields of computer science, AI, and machine learning.



We’ll help you build a user-focused, scalable software solution that brings your innovation to life. Our R&D and software engineering teams collaborate closely to turn your AI and machine learning models into a digital user experience.


Prototype Development &

Select the solution with the largest potential Impact. We evaluate the potential of each approach identified during the research phase by prototyping. We select the approach that holds the most promise for success before committing to the full-scale development phase.


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A Better Way to Monitor the World

Empowering Tomorrow’s Intensive Care Unit

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Position yourself as a digital pioneer within your respective sector by harnessing the power of AI. Drawing from our experience across diverse industries and collaboration with companies of all sizes, we craft unique AI solutions that elevate your business. Our team is prepared to guide you through the entire process, ensuring your success at every step.

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Rocketloop helped us identify AI use cases at our bank and evaluate their feasibility. The resulting solutions are so well integrated into the UX of the software solution, which is also individual, that users are sometimes not even aware of how much AI is being used in the background.

Sebastian Hennerici

Innovation Management, Aareal Bank AG

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