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CTO as a Service

We help you focus on innovation by connecting the dots between technology, operations, and business value. Harness the skills and experience of a full-time CTO quickly and at a more manageable cost.
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Start Software Development Now with CTOaaS

CTO as a Service Means
Technical Leadership On Demand

Chief Technical Officer as a Service (CTO as a Service) is a cost-effective solution for your immediate needs and long-term challenges. Fill knowledge gaps within your current staff with our interdisciplinary team and only pay for the services you need. This way, we start software development quickly for you without wasting time hiring your own team.

Assess current applications within your business and translate your vision into future-proof technical products

Get started with your development while we work to vet suitable CTO’s and help assemble your future development team

Create a project roadmap, estimate budgets, and develop high-quality code and documentation

Evaluate and optimize tedious and time-consuming processes throughout development and after launch

CTOaaS - technical management without knowledge gaps

Optimize your Engineering Team
Through Efficient Management

Through our CTO as a Service approach, you can focus on your field of expertise while we manage the engineering team and software development process. As your software development partner, we guarantee that your project is completed on time, further developed, and operated securely.

CTOaaS - Investor and VC friendly support

Stay Independendent Through
Strengthening your Team and Skills

Without losing momentum, we gradually hire the right people for your team. By using our CTO as a Service and technical know how, we create an environment where we guarantee a smooth transition from our team to yours.

Front End



Machine Learning
and AI

Web App

Back End

and Planning

Mobile App

CTOaaS - direct integration of established processes

Understand your Team with
With More Transparency

Our proven CTO as a Service processes gives you peace of mind without having to micromanage the project. Have confidence in knowing your team is focused on the right tasks and are on track to reach your goals.


First, understand exactly what your custom software needs to accomplish. We translate your features, user stories, and non-technical requirements into technical tasks.

Design and Development

Incorporating your feedback throughout, we develop your software agilely. Then, we go through the design and user experience to find the best solution for all target groups.

New Version

Launch your software on time and in a way that is flexible. We make it easy to add new requirements and user feedback.

CTOaaS with Rocketloop

Let’s Start Your Success Story

With our involvement in a multitude of different industries, we deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for startups and corporations alike. With us as your CTO, become a digital leader in your market!

“All features of the Service App, which were implemented with high quality and created with tireless support from Rocketloop, make the lives of our resellers much easier. At the same time, we have created a platform for Pexco employees that standardizes processes across departments. This enables us to analyze and eliminate many hurdles that at first seem difficult to overcome much faster!”

Thomas Bauer
Director of Operations, Pexco GmbH

We are the Technical Leadership Team you have been Looking for!

Do you really need to hire a full-time CTO or can a consulting expert solve your technical challenges? If you are undecided or looking for expertise in tech stack, cloud migration, system security, engineering hiring, digital solutions, or other technical aspects, CTO as a Service might be for you! Get in touch today with a no obligation quote – simply use our contact form, send us an email or call us directly!