PEXCO as a
Digital Industry Role Model

Pexco was founded in July 2017 and has become an international player in the world of e-mobility within the still short history of the company. The brands Husqvarna Bicycles and R RAYMON are already making statements in the field of e-mobility. Due to the positive development of the company and its rapid growth, Pexco has been part of the Austrian Pierer Industrie AG since the beginning of 2020.

One project that has a global impact on Pexco’s processes is the Pexco Service App. The start of the complete digitalization of the service processes. Beginning with the production of e-bikes and bicycles and extending to close cooperation between the manufacturer and the specialist dealers, workflows were optimized using digital processes, and existing challenges – some of which still involve analog processes – were reduced.

Thanks to the digitalization of service processes, we have reduced the turnaround time of service requests by 32% and have fully automated frequent requests.


Native App Development:
  • NativeScript
  • Angular
Back End Development:
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Azure


  • UI / UX Designers
  • Front End Engineers
  • Back End Engineer
  • Test Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers

Project Phases

  • Ideation Workshop
  • User Experience Workshop
  • Agile App Development
  • QR Code and Bike Traceability Workshop
  • App Launch and Maintenance

Creating a Digital First
e-Bike Service User Experience

The service and maintenance of modern e-bikes bring new challenges: The installed batteries must fit the respective model and engine, defective batteries must be disposed of professionally, and some spare parts can only be ordered from the manufacturer via the specialist dealer. In addition, dealers used various channels to contact Pexco, including the service hotline, e-mail, and fax. The resulting media breaks made it difficult to track service requests and warranty cases, which led to delays and meant that enthusiastic e-bike riders had to wait longer until their pedelecs were ready for use again.

As a digital pioneer, Pexco saw this as an opportunity to make this process convenient and efficient both internally and for its dealers, while at the same time standardizing communication.

Needs and Requirements

As a first step, we analyzed the service processes at Pexco and divided them into phases together with the project team. Requests were sorted by frequency and complexity to identify the potential for automation. Service cases that occur frequently and are of low complexity were mapped as self-service wherever possible.

For all other cases, a ticket system was introduced that allowed us to standardize service processes, better analyze throughput times, and simplify handovers between employees and departments.

On this basis, the new service processes were defined, discussed with selected dealers, and finalized in joint workshops. The following key figures were recorded and measured for continuous improvement:

  • Number of answered inquiries per service case type
  • Average lead time per service case type

The App
at a Glance

The Service App is only available to merchants who can register themselves in the App with their online store access. The most important feature of the app is the creation and management of service requests. These can be easily created from the app with just a few clicks. In case of damage or other mechanical problems, pictures and videos can be taken directly from the smartphone and attached to the service request. Requests from the Pexco service team and status changes are communicated directly to the user via push notification. Several employees per dealer can have access to the App and manage it independently. In addition, all users can access a range of general information about Husqvarna Bicycles and R RAYMON bicycles.

Bicycle and Service History
by QR Code

The analysis also revealed that the identification of the correct e-bike model and the installed components often cause problems in support cases. As a reaction to this, a master ID was introduced for each bicycle within the production process. This master ID allows all components belonging to the bicycle (frame, motor, and battery) to be clearly assigned to a bicycle and under which all modifications are historically versioned.

Users of the Service App only need to scan the master QR code or the serial number of an installed part and receive immediate information about the model, installed components, and history of the bike. For dealers, this means a significantly faster recording of service cases and a simplified ordering option for spare parts, and for Pexco, an improvement in the data quality of service requests.



NativeScript combines the advantages of native and hybrid app development. Within a single codebase, the app can be quickly developed for all mobile platforms based on modern web technologies such as Angular. This saves time, costs, and enables a front-end team to implement the mobile app and web application. With NativeScript the UI is rendered natively, the finished application appears high-performance and uses the UI elements that its users are used to from their operating system.


Pexco was the first bicycle manufacturer in Germany to succeed in providing dealers with a completely digital service process that can be handled intuitively and completely mobile. The use of the smartphone’s camera has simplified the documentation of inquiries, resulting in support requests that can be processed more quickly. Tracking requests in real-time has led to a reduction in requests to the service team. In addition, the elimination of media breaks and the introduction of a modern ticket system has reduced the average response time for requests by 32%. For Husqvarna Bicycles and R RAYMON customers, this means they can get back on their pedelecs and be electrically mobile faster.


Self Service Processes

32% Reduction

on average turnout time


Customer Satisfaction

“All features of the Service App, which were implemented with high quality and created with tireless support from Rocketloop, make the lives of our resellers much easier. At the same time, we have created a platform for Pexco employees that standardizes processes across departments. This enables us to analyze and eliminate many hurdles that at first seem difficult to overcome much faster!”
Thomas Bauer
Director of Operations, Pexco GmbH
“Together with Rocketloop, we have created the Service App; an intuitive and comprehensive platform for our resellers that bundles all service matters in one place. This makes life much easier for our customers and increases the quality of the data for service processing, in some cases by 100%. A big thank you once again to the entire team at Rocketloop for their great commitment and support!”
Anna Lederer
Service Leitung, Pexco GmbH

Our Biggest

The digitalization of service and warranty processing not only enables a better brand experience for customers and partners but also represents a major savings potential. Since we brought all stakeholders – service personnel, customers, and dealers – to the table as early as the conception phase, it has enabled us to completely rethink service processes and create a modern solution that is faster, more economical, and more customer-friendly.

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